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Investment Perspectives
by Richard Isava | Dec, 2022  Low-income earners often think that saving money and investing is only for the wealthy, but this self-defeating thought process is just one barrier to achieving true financial freedom. No matter your income level, building wealth is possible—though it will take strategic planning to get there. For those who are working with limited funds, the...
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by Richard Isava | Dec, 2022 According to a study conducted by the American Psychological Association, approximately 80 percent of adults report that they feel enormous stress when it comes to finances—young people and those with lower incomes report even higher levels of stress over money. Finance experts suggest building savings to serve as a buffer for when unexpected expenses...
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by Richard Isava | Dec, 2022  The idea of saving money can be overwhelming, and it often seems like reaching your savings goals will take forever. For those who struggle to make ends meet every month, saving money is even more difficult. The key to building up your personal savings lies in preparation and taking an honest look...
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by RichardIsava | Dec, 2022 From credit cards to student loans to mortgages, millions of people carry at least some debt. Despite all the education available on why debt can be a problem, many people continue to accumulate large bills at high interest with no plan for paying it off. Once a debt has been created, it can...
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by Richard Isava | Dec, 2022 The importance of a good credit score is undeniable, and a good score makes a huge difference when applying for credit. Building your credit score will have a positive impact on the interest rates you are eligible for as well as your access to larger credit lines. This can save you money...
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