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Pioneer Merchant Bank
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Why GuyAm Bank?

Guyana’s Pioneer Merchant Bank

The Guyana Americas Merchant Bank (GuyAm Bank)

A Story of Success; our clients and ours.

GuyAm Bank has been providing investment guidance and solutions since 1995. We provide high-quality investment banking, Investment Advisory, Mutual Funds, Pension Plans, and Brokerage services for our local and international clients.

We guide our clients in raising capital through the private placement of securities and the public issue of shares on the Guyana Stock Exchange. We also arrange access to debt financing for our clients.

Our team of experts includes:

  • Andy JogieCapital Markets, Investment Analyst
  • Richard Isava –  Mutual Funds, Pension Plans, Structured Products
  • Ganesh JaikaranFinance, Asset Management, Accounting
  • Moneshwar NarinePortfolio Management, Mutual Funds, Brokerage
  • Maria Haynes-GlasgowClient Relations
  • Heemala KumarBrokerage and Registrar

Our Mission

To provide professional and creative Merchant Banking Services to individuals; public and private entities, and foreign investors: To serve as a catalyst for financial sector expansion through highly professional staff and our extensive international network.

Our Vision

To be the Investment Bank and Asset Management company of first choice in Guyana, the Caribbean, and Northern South America.

Our Core Values

  • Compliance & Regulation
  • Respect for the Individual
  • Integrity & Confidentiality
  • Longevity
  • Efficiency
Our Coverage

Who We Serve

Institutional Investors

As one of Guyana’s largest asset managers, we assist several Financial Institutions to find solutions to investment obstacles. We offer customized investment advice to each institutional investor we serve. Our institutional clients include Banks, Insurance Companies, National Insurance Schemes, Mutual Funds, Non-profit organizations, and Pension Plans. We provide our institutional clients with access to almost every major asset class and investment style across international investment markets. Through our international broker pool, we facilitate and execute trades in a wide variety of securities.

Individual Investors

We provide Individual Investors with broad and strategic financial services and solutions tailored to their particular financial profile and risk tolerance. These services include our leading mutual funds, investment advisory services, and stock brokerage services, which provide access to global markets for local investors. We facilitate and enhance their investment journey by providing access to a wide range of local and international securities with affordable minimum investments and competitive pricing on commissions and fees.


GuyAm Bank has always approached Customer Service with a positive outlook, our core values.

  • Compliance and Regulation– Both our Advisors and Products are registered with the Guyana Securities Council
  • Respect for the Individual– We demonstrate respect and open communication with our internal and external clients.
  • Integrity and Confidentiality– We have a fiduciary responsibility to put the needs of our clients first.
  • Longevity– We are the pioneer Merchant Bank in Guyana, serving our clients for over 25 years.
  • Efficiency– We focus on timely settlements, transactions, and reporting.

We have more than 25 years of experience and are trusted by more than 3,000 clients

GuyAm Bank has over 25 years of experience and serves over 3,000 clients. Our clients include Individual Investors, Pension Plans, Mutual Funds, Insurance companies, and Financial Institutions both locally and internationally.

Meet us

The Faces of Your Investment Team

Richard Isava

Managing Director

+592-223-5193-5 | +592-620-0090
[email protected]

Ganesh Jaikaran

General Manager

+592-223-5193-5 | +592-641-6477
[email protected]

Heemala Kumar

Brokerage & Registrar Manager

[email protected]

Moneshwar Narine

Assistant Manager – Investments & Operations

+592-223-5193-5 | +592-698-8555
[email protected]

Maria Haynes-Glasgow

Client Services Manager

[email protected]

Here is what our clients say about us...

  • Quite frankly, I had a minimum understanding of the operation of the stock market and was not even aware of the positioning of the local stock market until I engaged Guyana America Merchant Bank Inc., which was a chance to happen after I was encouraged by a good friend. It provided me with a viable alternative to rather low returns from the traditional local banking system. Best decision I have ever made – and I am happy about the performance. To add, customer service delivery is based on excellence. I am a very happy client. I unhesitatingly encourage you to give them a try.

    Mokesh Daby
  • I have been a customer for over 20 years. I was a walk-in customer just seeing the bank was easy to access and offered good products. I just wanted to save and invest. Good customer service and timely service makes the bank stand out from the others. Since using the bank’s services, I have personally achieved good management. I would recommend them because of their good service.

    Michelle Klass
  • I became aware of the services offered by GuyAm Bank from a pamphlet I received from GASCI which I mistakenly believed facilitates the buying and selling of shares directly to the public. I chose GuyAm Bank after speaking to brokers from several companies because of its stellar customer service. The GuyAm Bank employee I spoke with was very friendly, patient, and informative. I felt at ease and was not rushed or spoken to in a condescending manner. Furthermore, the actual environment at the bank is pleasant with comfortable seats and the service is professional and efficient.

    Narissa Deokarran
    Stockbrokerage Client
  • I heard about GuyAm Bank while researching the local stock exchange and the best brokers available.
    This was the first Merchant bank I worked with after visiting all the others and this was the best in terms of customer service. I was looking for a broker that would answer all my questions concerning buying local stocks. Their initial engagement lasted well over an hour and with a detailed response to all my questions and concerns. I’ve achieved knowledge, profits, and confidence in the local market that I didn’t have before engaging the GuyAm merchant bank. The officers take time to offer guidance that led to substantial profits and dividends in my portfolio. I would recommend GuyAm Bank because of their quick response to emails, the welcoming nature of the staff, and the accessibility to the officers.

    Raule Williams
    Medical Doctor
  • I know the owners and the management staff from whom I receive personal service and attention. The Bank provides an essential service for doing business in Guyana. The Bank has provided advice and undertaken financial investments on my behalf with good returns. Customer Service is Excellent and the advice is professional. I would recommend Guyam Bank because it is by far the best merchant bank service in Guyana.

    Kit Nascimento
  • After making inquiries to Guyanese colleagues, I was advised that GuyAm Bank was the only merchant bank in Guyana. I only engaged in merchant bank services outside of Guyana but after experiencing Guyam Bank, I found that the quality of service, accessibility, and expertise of the staff at all levels of the bank was superior and made the Merchant Bank stand out. The advice given by the bank generated good outcomes and returns on investment. Overall Excellent advice, high-quality service, and great customer relations.

    Radha Permanand
    Assistant General Counsel, Office of the General Counsel - CARICOM Secretariat
  • Cameron & Shepherd has been dealing with Guyana Americas Merchant Bank since 2014 and we have always been more than satisfied with the level of service received. Richard Isava and his team have a wealth of knowledge and experience and their advice has proved beneficial to our investment goals.

    Josephine Whitehead
    Cameron and Shepherd – Senior Partner