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Ganesh Jaikaran

General Manager


The way to get started is to Quit Talking and Begin Doing” – Walt Disney.

Having enjoyed the experiences of working in many different sectors throughout my career thus far has led me to one place that I enjoy even more now, the capital markets.

In 2014, I joined Guyana Americas Merchant Bank Inc as the Finance and Accounting Assistant and grew to where I am today. I was employed mainly as a Finance and Accounting Assistant, which did not allow for much interaction in the capital markets I nevertheless enquired, and it led to a sudden interest in investing in this type of market. My passion for this type of finance management grew year after year as being able to generate wealth through Capital Markets had proved well for investors. In May 2022, almost 8 years after starting out at GAMBI, I was appointed the General Manager and Corporate Secretary.

I remain steadfast in my goal of providing prudent investment advice & management by advancing my career in the finance sector, particularly the capital markets. Not just for me, personally, but for the joy of clients. My satisfaction with what I do comes from knowing that I am constantly helping clients grow their wealth and achieve their financial goals for retirement. I embrace my responsibilities and have been very successful at servicing both institutional and individual investors.

Although my main area of expertise in this field is analyzing and trading mostly bonds and equities, I still maintain my likeness for bookkeeping, since I also am an accountant at Guyana Americas Merchant Bank.

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