Since our inception, we have pioneered the development of capital markets in Guyana, and brought our expertise to your investment needs.


Guyana Americas Merchant Bank was established in 1995 with the support of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) as Guyana’s first licensed merchant bank. It is a subsidiary of Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry (GBTI) and Secure International Finance Corporation. As Guyana’s first merchant bank, we have proudly pioneered the trail in Guyana in the delivery of a high quality suite of investment services including investment banking, investment management, and brokerage solutions for our clients in Guyana and abroad.

  • A Vision to Expand Access to Financial Services in Guyana

    Guyana Americas Merchant Bank was originally incorporated on May 22, 1995 as Guyana Finance Corporation. It was created with the initial support of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), which is part of the World Bank Group, with the vision that it would act as a catalyst for the development of the embryonic capital markets sector and expand access to financial services in Guyana. On July 30, 1998, the company rebranded to its current name by Special Resolution. Guyana Americas Merchant Bank is now a subsidiary of Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry (GBTI) and Secure International Finance Corporation.

  • Guyana’s First Merchant Bank

    Guyana Americas Merchant Bank was licensed by the Bank of Guyana under the Financial Institutions Act to carry on non-depository financial business in Guyana effective March 16, 2001. The acquisition of this license allowed it to offer a greater suite of financial solutions to its clients and expand access to financial Services in Guyana. It is Guyana’s first merchant bank.

  • Beginning of Brokerage Services

    Guyana Americas Merchant Bank, having been registered under the Securities Industry Act to carry on business as a Broker with effect from July 16, 2003, was admitted to membership of the Guyana Stock Exchange (GASCI). Today, Guyana Americas Merchant Bank provides one of the leading stockbrokerage services in Guyana.

  • New Products and Growth

    Cognizant of its role in the development of the capital markets in Guyana, Guyana Americas Merchant Bank has always focused on continually expanding its service offering. We have since added on the role of investment advisor to mutual, pension, and other funds. Additionally, we have also expanded our service offering to include investment banking services as well as investment management services.
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Institutional Investors

As one of the Guyana's largest asset managers, we’ve assisted several Financial Institutions across the Caribbean region find solutions to their biggest investment obstacles. We offer customised investment advice to each institutional investor we serve. Our institutional clients include Banks, Insurance Companies, National Insurance Schemes, Mutual Funds, Non-profit organisations and Pension Plans. We provide our institutional clients with access to almost every major asset class and investment style across international investment markets. Through our international broker pool we can facilitate and execute trades in a wide variety of securities.

Individual Investors

We provide Individual Investors with broad and strategic financial services and solutions that are bespoke and tailored to their particular financing needs. These services include our leading investment management and stock brokerage services, which provide access to global markets for local investors. We support their investing by providing affordable minimum investments and competitive pricing on commissions. Our Individual brokerage accounts have no annual fees.